Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blah !

Do you ever have those days that seem to get...worse..and worse...and WORSE?
yeah, that was my morning today :/ I feel like I looked like this cat by noon, ha well maybe not exactly like that. I woke up feeling super dizzy and weak, but I had work so I forced myself up. My ID was expired to drive onto the military base, so I had to turn around and take the super long way to work. Then of course I got lost because I never go that way, once I was there my manager told me I actually wasn't working today, because another girl needed hours. JUST the cherry on top of everything ya know?! But, thank god for my mom because she always finds just the right way to cheer me up, by inviting me to go shopping in a little bit :) I am so lucky to have such a great family and boyfriend, they are always there for me. What do you guys do on an awful day? What are your tips for cheering up? Let me know :) and I hope YOU have a wonderful day xo

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  1. thank you, and I will...but please follow back :)