Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Memories

 Awwing over all of the gorgeous vintage belts
 This fur cape from the 40's is so amazing on and seriously perfect for the cape trend this winter!
 Hahaha...I love making cars stop for me while I walk across the street and Chris takes a photo ;) They probably wanted to run me over
 Out with the fam on a Sp00ktacular night!

 These cabins were decorated in really creepy stuff and when we walked in people in scary costumes would jump out at us! People actually rent these in the summer, I could never! They are so creepy guys even without the Halloween decorations
 He was really scary until I realized his weapon was a mini balloon? really?

Me and my siblings. Aren't we the cutest?!
 ....Maaaaybe not. Haha :)

 I'll be posting more soon! Have lots of photos to upload just haven't had the time :)


  1. Cute photos!! :)

    I especially love the pink blazer in the second post!! That looks fab with your hair colour ! And your hat looks great too!! I always get some new ideas from your photos!! :D

  2. great pictures and such a unique sense of style! i really enjoy reading your blog...happy to follow here ;-)


  3. omg! did you get the fur cape??? If I was there I would have! lovely photos! looks like you guys did have fun!


  4. Thank you kim! I Always enjoy reading your sweet comments :)

    style-mafia thanks so much for the compliment!

    Joanna yes I did! Believe it or not it was only 80 dollars! I couldn't pass it up after hearing the price and it's soo warm. It's my first real fur jacket since usually I prefer the animal friendly faux fur, but at the same time this is vintage so I feel like it's okay haha :)

  5. You have really nice skin and I love your makeup and lipstick color (with the black hat). :)