Friday, November 4, 2011

Abandoned Train

 Jacket and Fur Wrap: Tulle, Shirt & Shorts: Abercrombie, Wedges: Marshall's

Have you ever passed a house or a garden or even a playground a million times while driving to work but never actually looked at it before? That happens to me all the time, I guess I'm not that observant. But Chris and I were doing a little shopping a few days ago and we drove by this abandoned train off of the main road. Immediately "photo shoot!" popped in my head! It was such a cool train and had so much detail, and it was funny too because my outfit actually matched the maroon color of the train. It's strange to think of the history of abandoned trains, homes, schools, etc. Like someone famous could have sat in that train when trains were the main form of transportation ya know? It's just really cool to think about and I love imagining the history of abandoned places :) Is that just me, or do you guys do that too? Let me know!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful photos! You look like a Russian girl on her way to Moscow on the train to meet up with friends! :) :)

    I love your jacket, something else that works beautifully with your hair colour!! :D

    Have a lovely weekend!!