Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Dark Side

Sweater & Vest: F21, Jeans: Pacsun, Wedges: F21
I call this type of look my "dark side" 

Hmm, I should probably be studying right now for a big test I have in a few hours....but. I. can't. do. it!!!
I am so tired of school right now. I know I probably sound super whiny but all I can think of is the week long vacation I will have starting tomorrow and a delicious turkey feast in a few days and spending this time with all my family and friends! I love Thanksgiving, it's strange but this holiday gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It's almost like Thanksgiving to me symbolizes the start of winter which means hot cocoa, the smell of the fireplace every cold night, snow glistening on the ground and delicious food, and most of all.......
are you guys as excited as I am?!

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