Monday, October 3, 2011

Photos Over Time

Hello again! I am so happy to be blogging again, as I have been super busy lately with school and life in general, but I finally feel like I have more time on my hands to post more often :) I am sorry for breaking my promise of blogging more, it really wasn't intentional and I knoooow this time I will blog, blog, blog! So, for the mean time, I have a small collection of different outfits that I never had the chance to blog, so here they are! I hope you guys like them and feel free to ask questions/ leave comments xoxo

 This was a breezy summer day, I decided to do some color blocking with floral patterns and added some wide flared jeans. I should have worn taller heels though :/
short people + wide flared jeans - short heels = AWKWARD lol

 I went to a 4th of July party in this outfit and I loved the patriotic theme! I love mixing patterns: different stripes, stripes and floral, or any pattern with a similar color scheme, I can't get enough of it! and I always like to add a small accessory, this time it was my little red bow

 Ahhh, sweet summer time. Photos like this (driving with the top down, the warm sun shining, and sun kissed skin) is what makes me miss summer...however, I LOOOVE fall! It's my favorite :)

 Hmm...after looking at this photo, I don't know if I even liked this outfit, haha. That happens often when I look at pictures of my creations. Sometimes I'm really impressed with myself on how they come out, and other times I'm kinda like...why did I go outside like that again? In a way I like it though, I feel like I'm learning my personal style through blogging. It truly helps me figure out what looks good on my body

 I really love this outfit. It's so comfortable, and asymmetry is huge right now. The skirt is so flowy and gorgeous when you walk, and the great part is you can wear it high in the front low in the back, or high on one side and low on the other. Hope that makes sense lol

 White out! I love wearing all white and then adding black or colorful accessories. A woman that day came up to me and goes, "I love how you aren't afraid to wear white after Labor day!" and I go, " It's funny how people that love fashion know that that rule was broken a looong time ago. And people that don't know fashion still think all of these rules exist." She agreed of course :)

hahaha, this is my brother Kail and his one month old son Kai!  Kai always make the freakin' cutest faces and has such a little attitude already! I thought this was adorable and his face tells exactly how he felt about Kail holding him like that. Gosh I love that little guy.

Well, I hope you like this big giant blog post! Sorry if it's a tad boring, I just wanted to update you guys a bit on what has been going on in my life. I actually have a new blog post of an adorable outfit I can not wait to share, I'll probably upload tomorrow so be sure to check it out! 


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