Saturday, October 8, 2011

Everything up top: F21, Jeans: Gap, Boots: DSW

I wore this when it was actually cold outside this week...funny how today I wore a sundress due to the heat! Only New England will one day be 50 degrees, and the next hit 80. Hoping that it will dwindle down quickly though, as I am not a summer heat person...and I have waaay too many clothes I want to wear for fall! 
It was ironic too because today I went to Octoberfest (when it feels like July), which every year is in the Commons and there is food, music, and stands you can buy homemade crafts. I ended up buying this starfish cuff that I can not wait to show on the blog! I know for sure it will be a common accessory in my wardrobe


  1. Love your cape. very cool pattern.

  2. I love the cape too! The colours are perfect for Autumn. We have had the same burst of summer in London in the last week its been wonderful :D