Monday, August 29, 2011

The war and Irene!

Myself:  Skirt: F21, Shirt: H&M, Wedges: Sears
Chloe: Shirt: Hand me down from Myself, Jeans: Justice, Boots: Marshalls

I had a special little guest in my blog post today, and she is my little sister Chloe who is ten years old! I wore this out to dinner with my family last night. It was a fundraiser for the soldiers at war right now, everyone bought a ticket for the Italian (soo delicious) buffet they had, and the proceeds went to the soldiers needs and their families as well. I feel like a lot of the time, people kind of forget we are even at war. It seems so long ago that we found out that Bush was sending soldiers out, and now it’s almost like old news to a lot of people. We must keep in mind the brave, young soldiers who are putting their lives at risk every day for our country and so that we can live better lives in the good old USA. We must also remember the struggling mothers and fathers whose spouses are away at work and ask ourselves how we can make their lives easier through the struggle they are enduring. I love going to fundraisers like this, it is a great feeling to have, knowing that you are helping others and truly making an impact on their lives.

On another note, I am sure a lot of you have either heard of hurricane Irene hitting the Eastern side, or have experienced it yourselves...but last night was crazzzy! Trees were fallen on the roads, transformer boxes were exploding left and right, and our power has officially been out for about 24 hours. I'm actually at a nearby Dunkin Donuts on my laptop, no way can I sit around with nothing to do for that long! I guess I've always been that way, I pretty much lose my mind when the power is out. Also, last night I had to work (at the only restaurant open on Cape Cod) and guess what!...the power went out. We were on a two hour wait and the entire restaurant was JAMMED PACKED. All of a sudden, BOOM! and everything was out. It was kinda awkward since we were all sitting in the dark and silence, I felt so bad for the people that had been waiting for an hour, finally were sat, and then had to leave because we couldn't serve them. It definitely goes to show, better safe than sorry during a storm, they were better off just staying closed for the day! 
Did any of you guys lose power or experience the storm? I guess they are saying we won't have it back for a few days :( !!! Ahhhhh! craziness, let me know your stories!!