Tuesday, June 21, 2011

 Oh, you know...just looking all cute and what not by devouring my ice cream cone that took about 5 seconds to melt all over my hands and leave sticky finger prints all over my camera, no biggie ;) I musta been advertising the delicious coconut oreo-fudge ice cream (yes, that's right: coconut oreo-fudge) pretty well though since two guys came over and asked where I got it, I'm a pro, I tell ya!

But, this was the real dilemma of the evening, intelligent me decided to wear a skimpy lightweight dress and wedges to a baseball game...with 20 foot tall bleachers...
and 15 mph winds from the local beach, and everyone else dressed in baseball tees and shorts; to say it the least I felt a little awkward with my dress flying up every second. I suppose every girl out there has ONE
marilyn monroe moment in their life, right? 

 Anyways, after the wind became my enemy, I changed into my handy dandy sweatshirt and jeans (always a great back up option) A quick fact about bloggers: about half the time we show you our adorable outfits we collaborated about for hours only to take a few simple snapshots in order to impress you lovely followers. Well here is proof, we DO wear jeans and sweatshirts! so anyone that tells you different is

Well that is all lovies! have a lovely week and I will be updating shortly :)


  1. lol, fun post!! :D Cute look(s) :D

  2. Thanks Kim! it was quite the day haha :)

  3. Beautiful ! This dress is amazing :) XOXO