Saturday, June 18, 2011

Purple- Licious ;)

Hello Everyone! So today I am showing you my passion for PURPLE !
Yes, I do believe it is my favorite least I think it is. I mean
my handbag, two of my every day rings, and my nails are usually a light lilac hue...
so I guess you could say I love the color :) and it's one of the few colors of the spectrum that I love
every hue! So here is my purple-licious outfit ! enjoy xo

Dress: F21, Scarf: My local work

Sorry for the overload of pictures guys! I was having issues selecting the right ones haha
Have a lovely Father's day tomorrow! I am going fishing and to a baseball game, what are you all doing for your fathers tomorrow? xoxo


  1. I love both this dress and the one in the prior post, and I am in love with your white wedges. I am going to have to go looking for some!! :D

    Hope your baseball is fun, nothing excited planned as my pop is on the other side of the world! :)

  2. Always cute,love your style again and happy to follow your blog !

  3. Adore this outfit! awesome colors.
    very cute.

  4. Aw, well thank god for technology Kim! at least a phone call or skype date is minutes away :) and thank you girls I appreciate the lovely comments