Saturday, June 11, 2011

Too Hot for Me !

Tank: H&M, Skirt: Forever 21

When I wore this outfit, it was ridiculously hot outside. 94 degrees, and as humid as possible…I know some people love this weather, but it is just too hot for me! I literally end up getting so sick, passing out, the color from my face just drains and I can not eat. I have always had this problem on super hot, muggy days so sorry if I look strangely thin and pale :( Despite feeling awful, I wanted to take a few photos of this outfit since we did have to run around that day, so I figured hey, why not wear something cute that is also compatible with this scorching weather! I hope you like it, I thought it was cute and simple, well at least more simple than my usual outfits :)


  1. It's a cute look! I really love your shoes! :)

  2. ahh! I used to have that skirt! Love the way you styled it.

  3. Thank you girlies :) It was sooo hot out gahh so I thought this lightweight skirt was perfect!