Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a little DIY

So, I went to Marshall's a few days ago and realized that although many pieces I look at have a cheap price tag, but cheap fabric and quality is due to that tag. However, I took a look in the maxi dress selection and I was pleasantly surprised! I ended up buying a pink and yellow maxi with sequins, looove it :) the only thing I wasn't a fan of, was the cheap looking spaghetti straps even including the size adjustment plastic things (yuck!) 

Then, I thought, hey I could go to A.C. Moore and make new straps. I bought bronze chains for around $4 and unhooked the cheap ones with the chains. The chains definitely added quality to the dress and I truly love the way it turned out!

The First Straps

 After I changed the straps with the chains

Unfortunately, It hasn't been the correct weather for this dress, especially since I am imagining it with a stack of bangles and wedges :) Can not wait though, it's one of my favorite new pieces! and another plus, it actually makes me look taller :p

a few extras: my scarf collection

Some girls love shoes, some love bags, I love scarves :) xoxo
Tell me which ones are your faves!

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