Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Stroll Around Mainstreet

Skirt & Beanie- Forever 21, Blouse- H&M, Boots- Rocketdog, Leg Warmers- A&F Kids, Sweater: Urban Behavior, Shades- Chanel

So After a loooong day of work, Christopher and I decided to take a trip to Mainstreet and do some window shopping. On the way there, we went to MSPCA the animal shelter, and oh my gosh...he fell in love with a little pitbull. This pup is named Supa, and his family couldn't take care of him anymore so now his temporary home is the shelter. Chris immediately fell in love but the only thing is Supa can not live with other animals (I have 2 chihuahuas already :[  ) Here is a pic of this little lovebug!

Sooo we decided to take him out on a walk, and he was just lovin life, prancing around and peeing on every leaf he could find (literally). He seemed so calm and gentle, so hey, I decided to take the leash. Well what do ya know? A few seconds later this PUPPY starts running full force and dragging my 90 lb body through out the path. Awesome. I let go of the leash and prayed to god he didn't run through the busy road...but no, we found him sitting on the front steps, wagging his spotted tail. Overall, it was a very funny, yet trembling, trip to the shelter!

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  1. I'm personally scared to walk a dog because I don't want Caesar Milan to judge my poor form.

    I'm not scared of that outfit though. Adorable look!