Friday, August 12, 2011

Something on my Mind

I am aware that I may dress a little over the top. I honestly think when I dress up, I visually create a "costume" in my mind. If I was recently listening to Taylor Swift, of course I grab my cowgirl boots and flannel from my closet. Or when it's a rainy day and all I hear is the silence from everybody being indoors, my black fedora and patterned scarves come into play. I have always been this way, and I have had girls my age from over the years repeatedly ask, " can you wear that stuff? I'd feel so weird! I pull it off, but I could never!" 
I've never really known how to reply to these statements. All I can think is, wow...I never thought of clothing as something you should "pull off" to wear. If I see some glittery disco pants that are calling my name, I'm already thinking of ways to wear them. Never once does the thought "Oh jeeze...what will people say if I'm wearing glitter disco pants?"
I completely understand where these girls are coming from though. I live on Cape Cod. The island off of Massachusetts infamously known for the Ugg Boots and Black Northfaces (Don't get me wrong, I have them also...but I LIMIT myself :p ). It's so difficult to express yourself by clothing, when no one here even understands that it's a form of expression to begin with. Girls around here automatically assume that because I  never wear the same outfit twice, that I must be a snob or my parents buy me everything i want. No, That is not the case. The case is that I LOVE clothing. I LOVE fashion. It's pretty much what I am, and that's probably why I never think twice to buying something based on what others may think. Because I hope someday I will make it in the fashion industry, and I hope that I can keep my confidence through this journey. 
I never knew blogging would be so hard. I never knew it would be so difficult to think of what to say in each post, and know what will photograph well on my body, and if people will even want to read what I write! 
But the followers I have gained so far, truly inspire me to keep going at it! Thanks so much for the comments and most of all, knowing that you genuinely like my outfits and what I have to say. I have been thinking of many new outfit posts lately, and can not wait to share. Will be back soon, lovies!


  1. People do read what you write! :D

    I struggle with my blog and I find I would rather spend time look for inspiration on blogs like yours!! So dont stop but dont worry if its just once a week you post either. :)

    I love all the colours in this look, its great.

  2. Aw thank you darling! I really appreciate it! and honestly, I feel the same way :( I hope one day my blog really expands because it is a lot of work we put into them, I am soo happy you like it! Thanks for the support xox

  3. Your blog is sooo cute! I love your photos and what you have to say. Keep it up! :)