Sunday, March 13, 2011

p!nk !

Blazer: H&M, Dress: Alizee, Knee Highs: Charlotte Russe, Heels: AE

Sooo today was beautiful out, I just HAD to get outside. Chris and I went to Mainstreet and mostly window shopped, and I had my ring fixed at the jewelers. After wards, we checked out a vintage shop that I have always wanted to explore but never really had the chance. We stepped inside, and I was overwhelmed by whimsical hats hanging from the ceiling, sparkly costume jewelry shimmering from the counters, and beautiful clothing made out of silk, lace, fur, any fabric imaginable bordering the walls. I mean this place is amazing. I ended up finding the perfect nude poncho (since most ponchos overwhelm my small frame) but this one fit perfectly. and then....I found the best 70's dress I have ever seen. Now I know what it feels like to find an amazing vintage piece, I think I will blog it tomorrow. It's perfect.

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