Thursday, March 31, 2011

Casual Day

Shades: Francesca's, Flannel & Jeans: Abercrombie, Cream Vest: J Crew, Denim Vest: F21, Boots: Charlotte Russe

I went out to lunch with my boyfriend and decided to dress a bit more comfy and casual compared to usual due to the cold wind and cloudy sky ( I’m a weather dresser) I know the jean on jean rule where the shades are supposed to be different, i swear the vest is much darker in person! Anywaysss I liked this because I am trying to work on layering, I find it so interesting when people can layer different materials, patterns, colors and make it look so effortless! I hope I somewhat layered this correctly haha, blogging has taught me I still have so much to learn about fashion it’s unbelievable how many amazing personal styles there are out there :)

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