Sunday, January 23, 2011


Knit Jumper & Scarf: F21, Thermal & Legwarmers: Abercrombie Kids, Boots: Rocketdog

Hmmm, well, my day was pretty boring. I woke up around 12, ate some mac n' cheese and steakums (YUM!) then off to work I went! Ok so I work at a restaurant and...if I have to listen to one more drunk guy at the bar say how "Hot I'd be if I didn't like 14", I am going to literally throw a punch. I mean come on guys, really? I know I'm petite and all but I certainly do not look like a tween anymore. Oh well I guess it will pay off someday when I'm still getting carded at age 30 :p  . And another plus? I'll be a milf. Boooyah!

Oh and this outfit was amaaazing to wear, I mean talk about cute AND comfy! those are always my faves :D What do you think?

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